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Modern commercial aircraft are flying at high cruise altitude (between 25kft and 40kft) in order to minimise fuel consumption and to avoid weather turbulence. At this altitude level, direct exposure to the atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature must be prevented to avoid passenger injuries or even death. Therefore all commercial aircrafts have a pressurized cabin and are thermally insulated to offer an optimum passenger comfort and safety level. However loss of pressurization does occur in service with variable level of severity, from slow depressurization due to fuselage leak to explosive decompression following an engine rotor burst.

Only in 2018, three severe decompression accidents happen on commercial aircraft:

In all three cases, flight continuation and a safe landing was achieved. Throughout the years, regulations (FAR25 / CS25) were put in place in order to avoid catastrophic consequences of a decompression event (cabin floor structure collapse, detached cabin part hitting occupants, etc…).

Compliance to regulations can be achieved through tests or by numerical simulation. The over pressure on cabin boundaries (bulkhead, partition, flood structure, etc…) generated by the sudden air flow exiting the fuselage in a very rapid decompression event can be accurately predicted by numerical analysis with dedicated software like ESonix.

Our Solution: ESonix

ESonix is the first online rapid aircraft decompression program

Download a ESonix V2 facts sheet

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ESonix, the numeric‘s decompression software, offers a reliable, reactive and affordable way to perform a rapid aircraft decompression analysis.

Besides the regular decompression analysis giving delta pressure, and compared to existing competitors, our software features:

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Online Solution for your company: ESonix

We provide quality customized services using Sonix, but we also built an web interface that wraps sonix and came up in 2015 with the first online aircraft decompression software:

Dedicated trainings for explosive decompression

numeric-GmbH provides trainings dedicated to Rapid and Explosive decompression in general, and to ESonix in particular.

An list of the proposed trainings is available here.

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Because decompression is an important activity, we have a dedicated blog section. Check it out!

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