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Maila Schiavon

Maila is a skilled stress engineer with 15 years of experience in the aircraft industry. She started her professional career in 2001 at the leading Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer in the structural engineering department.

During the eight years she spent at Embraer she gained valuable experience in static, fatigue, and damage tolerance analysis. Maila is accustomed with all aspects of stress engineering work, from drawing approval to test and certification reports. In addition, she has an excellent knowledge of the primary structures in an aircraft. In september 2009 she entered the VIP completion world by joining the stress department in Jet Aviation and since then she has worked on the Boeing 747-400 outfitting project.

With her strong technical background in aeronautics coupled with her professionalism, Maila is a great help for numeric GmbH deliver industry benchmark work.

Vincent Dussardier

Vincent Dussardier has twenty years of experience as mechanical/stress engineer in the aeronautical industry.

Working for British Aerospace and Airbus on the A380 project, Vincent has developed valuable skills and knowledge in stress methods and tools. His experience includes stress analysis of primary aircraft structures, floor structure, and VIP completion installations, among other areas.

Calm, respectful, and extremely competent, Vincent has been a supervisor and team leader in the companies where he has worked. In addition, due to his specialized knowledge, he worked as focal point for different partners and as checker of certification reports.

Since 2015, Vincent acts as Mechanical CVE under the DOA of one of our customer.

Nicolas Cordier

Nicolas is a creative and experienced stress, design, and mechanical engineer. During the past 15 years, Nicolas accumulated a broad range of experiences in mechanical design supported by FEA analysis in static and dynamic calculation.

Before joining Jet Aviation in April 2009, Nicolas worked in a large variety of mechanical domains including the automotive industry, concert scafolding and electrical power plant machinery.

With his enthusiasm, creativity, and his rich experience Nicolas carries innovation to numeric gmbh.

Denis Comert

Denis is our Design Engineer. Comfortable with any 3D tool, and very experienced in design and manufacturing, he leads the upcoming numeric “design” branch.

Before Joining us, Denis worked in several mechanical industries as a CAD and design Engineer, accumulating a useful experience on Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge and Catia.

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