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About us

numeric GmbH was founded in 2010 by a team of mechanical and stress engineers, experienced in the aircraft industry and in aircraft VIP completion.

We are proud to offer our customers an average experience of 10 years in stress analysis and mechanical design.

Relying on expertise built up over years in the industry, numeric gmbh offers a wide range of services, starting from support in finite element analysis (FEA) or analytical solutions, up to complete certification reports.

Another main activity is turned towards Aircraft Rapid Decompression. numeric-gmbH publishes ESonix, the market-leading software for Aircraft Rapid Decompression analysis.

Scope Of Work

numeric is able to support its customers in many aspects of their projects.

Mainly specialised in wide-bodies aircraft VIP interior completion (Airbus A319CJ, Boeing B777, B747-8, etc.) our talented engineers provide a wide range of services. From stress analysis to Aircraft rapid decompression analysis, you can read more about this topic.


Finite Elements skills to solve complex problems

Over the last ten years, advances in computer technology have significantly improved the capabilities of simulation software, most notably in FEA tools.

A wide range is available to us.

Our extensive experience with NASTRAN® and Pro/Mechanica® solvers can be a determining asset in solving difficult problems, meeting tight deadlines, or resolving certification issues.

Back to basics: the analytical solution

Even though FEA software has been a major advance for mechanical engineers, keeping the analysis simple can often be crucial, if only to properly interpret numerical results from FEA. In addition, analytical methods — when properly deployed — can save time. Our engineers are experienced with the classical references in the field such as Bruhn, Niu, Roark, Peterson, etc.

Here is an overview of non-FE analysis: gripper

The best capital: knowledge

Our engineers offer much more than just “know-how” and experience with software; they also offer their curiosity and open-mindedness. These qualities are essential for quickly adapting to our customers’ requirements and working style.

Technology is always changing. To take just one example, composite materials are now firmly entrenched in our industry. This exciting transformation and others like it require us to keep our skills up to date. This is why numeric continues to invest in training and documentation for its engineers.

A human and technical network

Over the years our engineers accumulated not only experience, but they also created a strong network of technical relationships. numeric keeps this network active in an effort to offer the best and widest possible expertise to its customers.

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