Software development

High Programming capabilities

Our engineers are used to several of the most used programming languages in Industry and Science. This makes numeric able to develop its own tools in order to offer to its customers the most efficient and reliable service.

More over, numeric is proud to offer the possibility to get some personalized developments, scripts or softwares, in many different ways. The most frequents needs are probably:

C/C++ are also in out toolbox for fast data processing.

From scripts to web applications

Scripts to automatize tasks…

You need to automatize some daily/weekly/monthly boring task? Or maybe to extract whatever you need from Femap, or from Nastran bulk file ? You need some automatic reporting or dedicated calculation software? We are used to provide in a very fast way a dedicated program that fulfill your needs!

… to web complex application

Our advanced programming skills allows us to develop and deploy complex technical softwares, from desktop applications to web applications.

The best example we could provide would probably be our Aircraft decompression on-line software: Esonix.

Training in Python

Python is now the growing technical language. Contact us for Python trainings dedicated to technical and mechanical jobs, as well as interactivity with Femap and Nastran’s bulks.

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