1. Small Volumes Decompression #6 - Airline X VIP Results Comparison (Further Step)

        This is the sixth Article dedicated to Aircraft Small Volume Decompression. On this Article we will investigate and explain the negative values for the results difference (\(\Delta_P {VIP} - \Delta_P {PAX}\)) shown in the Table of Article #5.

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                    1. Rapid Decompression trainings

                      Based on its solid experience in Aircraft rapid and explosive decompression, numeric-GmbH now proposes a full set of corporate trainings.

                      During those trainings, aircrafts rapid and explosive decompression theory and practice are addressed in a real industrial context, whether in VIP and commercial airline context.

                      Most of them have …

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                        1. To come soon: ESonix V2

                          After almost one year of researches and active developments, the numeric team is happy to announce the imminent release of ESonix V2!

                          Among miscellaneous new functionalities, we are proud to highlight:

                          • ESonix Sensitivity analysis: let you compare “side by side” two or more set of results to get a fast …
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