Sonix: Aircraft Rapid decompression Analysis

One of the best presentation of the aircraft rapid decompression can be found in the ASM International publication of J.D. Pratt.

Rapid pressure loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including structural failure of the fuselage, loss of a window, or failure of a cargo door. Engine failures have been known to result in the puncture of pressurized fuselages by broken turbine blades. Regardless of the origin, the fuselage air mass requires time to move through passageways and out of the breach.

This results in an unequal pressure distribution immediately following the event, which can cause further damage to the aircraft and increase the likelihood of injury to its occupants.

Regulation 14 CFR Part 25.365 (FAR 25.365) requires that passenger aircraft be designed to withstand not only the working loads but the effects of a rapid decompression. […]

The aim of an Aircraft Rapid Decompression Analysis is thus to provide the differential pressures acting on the Aircraft internal partitions.

Our Solution: ESonix

ESonix is the first online rapid aircraft decompression program

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ESonix, the numeric‘s decompression software, offers a reliable, reactive and affordable way to perform a rapid aircraft decompression analysis.

Besides the regular decompression analysis giving delta pressure, and compared to existing competitors, our software features:

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Online Solution for your company: ESonix

We provide quality customized services using Sonix, but we also built an web interface that wraps sonix and came up in 2015 with the first online aircraft decompression software:

Dedicated trainings for explosive decompression

numeric-GmbH provides trainings dedicated to Rapid and Explosive decompression in general, and to ESonix in particular.

An list of the proposed trainings is available here.

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