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  1. Customer visit and Advanced Training in England/lun 30 juillet 2018

    Between the 17th and 20th of July 2018, numeric engineers visited Esonix’s customers, a Boeing affiliate company in England. During this visit the Esonix “local server” was updated and Esonix advanced training was provided by numeric.

  2. Esonix V3 version Comming soon!/mar 24 juillet 2018

    After almost one year and half of researches and active developments, the numeric team is happy to announce the imminent release of ESonix V3!

    Among miscellaneous new functionalities, we are proud to highlight:

    Software changelog

    ESonix Simulations capabilities

  3. numeric Team welcomes Paul Reynaz/lun 04 juin 2018

    Paul studies the third year of Engineering at ECAM Lyon, France. He will perform his Intership at numeric GmbH between Jun/2018 and September/2018. At numeric GmbH he will have the opportunity to work programming (python 3.6) a library featuring calculations for a duct as described in “NASA …

  4. Visit to Boeing facilities in Seattle, USA/ven 01 juin 2018

    After the decompression training attended, numeric engineers Nicolas Cordier and Vincent Dussardier visited Boeing facilities in Seattle, USA. They took the opportunity to visit Boeing hangars and meet up with former colleagues.

  5. Decompression Training in Seattle, USA/mer 30 mai 2018

    numeric engineers Nicolas Cordier and Vincent Dussardier were invited, by a major French airline company, to attend an Advanced Decompression Training together with engineers of this airline company. The training was provided by “NygrenAero LCC” from 29th to 30th May/2018, in Seattle, USA.

  6. Esonix Training in Istambul, Turkey/sam 30 décembre 2017

    From 11th to 13th December 2017, numeric’s engineers provided Basic and Advanced Aircraft Decompression Training based on Esonix software. Engineers of a major Turkish airline company attended the training in Istambul, Turkey.

  7. Customers visit in France/sam 30 septembre 2017

    In September 2017, numeric engineers visited Esonix’s customer in France for in depth discussions about aircraft decompression analysis and Esonix available tools.

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